Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bother to Vote!

Apparently, my brother bothered to vote yesterday and he had to wait in line for hours, even though it was early voting. Democracy in action!!!

Anyhoo, things are good here in view of the mountains. The gf may get a job soon, though she also now has a part-time job to get a little extra cash to help pay the bills. Mostly, my bills, because I've been buying everything. We're trying to keep track of spending and doing so by having me spend all of it and keep track. It'll work, I promise.

Thanks to my good friend Jim for the link to this website. The videos are pretty funny, but my favorite was the fake McCain robocalls. Priceless.

The election is only 9 days away! What on earth are we going to do for the next week? I know, watch the Daily Show online FOR-E-VER. Starting now.

Oh, and work is great. I love working for KTEH/KQED and Northern California Public Broadcasting. It rocks. Development too, rocks.

(Sorry about this post, I'm a little distracted by the Daily Show.)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Have an Apartment, Too!

First, before I talk about me, I read in the LA Times that a couple in Dubai got drunk and had sex on the beach. They were sentenced for drinking and having -- you guessed it -- pre-marital sex. How long was their sentence? Three months! Thank you, Dubai, for taking this dangerous couple off the streets. Who knows who could be their next victim!

Anyway, back to me - I have an apartment! Moving this week is our current priority, and I'm very excited to have my own space. Also, the gf might be getting a full-time job soon - she has an interview today and one on Monday. Wish her luck!

In other news, I watched the debate last night. I think the Republicans are race-baiting, and Congressman John Lewis was right. If someone comes to your rally and screams that your opponent should be killed, racial slurs, or other horrible things, you should call them out and stop it so that it doesn't happen again. Calling your opponent a terrorist is NOT OK. Letting your supporters call for him to be killed - NOT OK. I agree with Stanley Rich on this one. Republicans are playing up fear, and inevitably, some of that fear is race-based. I guess the McCain campaign is doing so poorly they cannot afford to offend their racist supporters, either.

So now, here's one last photograph with which to close the blog. This one is from the AP. It's what happens when John McCain walks off the wrong part of the stage. Haha, awesome. A picture definitely is worth a thousand words.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Have a Job! And Other Things You May or May Not Care About

I have a job! Soon, I will be working for public broadcasting in Northern California. Huzzah! Don't worry, I will be posting the link soon. No, the gf doesn't have a job yet, but it's coming - I can feel it in the wind. And no, we don't have an apartment yet - but we'll be looking starting... now.

I just voted! I voted for... hey, none of your damn business! Hint: it wasn't for John McCain. But anyway, I was happy to see the entire Green party ticket was female. Huzzah! I nearly voted Green, but I've heard that there's a possibility that New Jersey could go red this year, and I can't let that happen. Crap, I just gave away who I voted for!

But, I did vote Republican once. I know, I know, save it, you pinko Commies. Anyway, I voted for the incumbent in the Ocean County Clerk race, mainly because I think it's low that the Democratic challenger suddenly, within the past week, was asking for an investigation into the clerk's use of public funds. That's the only thing I can find about the guy, and it's negative, and that seems like dirty politics to me. Also, I can't find any bad press about this guy Carl Block, so until something bad comes out, I'm OK with keeping him in. Plus, I'm not going to be a citizen of Ocean County for much longer.. he he he...

Oh, and those ballot initiatives? I voted No and Yes respectively. I read the ballot descriptions on the League of Women Voters site, and I used my best judgment. Only time will tell if I'm correct or not.

If only there were as much coverage about local and state races as there is about national ones. Then I'd know how to vote. Of course, being in California doesn't help, either.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Apocalypse Now!

These people scare the poop out of me. Almost as much as Sarah Palin does.

Cannot wait to see Bill Maher's movie Religulous. Spell check says yes, it is a made-up word, but it is a combination of Religious and Ridiculous. Which, Bill Maher thinks, are the same thing. The link above is a trailer. I suggest you check it out.

Other things that are bothering me this week: Congress. To think that Americans honestly thought bipartisanship would take a back seat to injecting capital into the economy - I know, right? Crazy! No way. Nancy Pelosi gives a speech much like any speech one would hear on the floor of the House of Representatives - passionate, accusatory, but correct - and the bill fails, with House Republicans blaming it on "partisan vitriol." Sure, blame it all on Nancy, not your petty middle school politics. They'd rather blame the woman than themselves, obviously. What's interesting to me about this situation, though, is that now Democrats have become the party of big business, voting mostly to bail out Wall Street. Now, this was not exactly the bill the President and the Secretary of the Treasury were hoping for, but still the basis was the same: give lots of money to banks and investment firms so they could continue to invest and grow the economy. Most Democrats voted for it, but Republicans renegged on their promise to do so, and suddenly the stock market tumbles.

Do you think those Republicans, who rely on large donations from Wall Street, are going to get those donations? Suddenly, even though 90 Dems voted against this bill, the Democrats are seen as the party looking out for the interests of Wall Street.

Don't ask me if it's a good bill or a bad one: I don't know anything about the economy. All I know is that it's tanking, something needs to be done, the people who ran the economy into the ground, including those in the White House as well as those on Wall Street, need to be thrown out of their private jets without a golden parachute and new people need to take the controls.