Friday, September 12, 2008

#1: East Meets West... License Plates

I've decided I'm going to start writing periodically about my perspective on the West Coast as an East Coaster. It's going to make me millions.

Entry #1: License Plates

This might seem obvious to you Californians reading, or even to you Easterners, but the one weird thing about living in California is the shocking lack of other-state license plates. There's nothing but Californian cars in this state! Now some of you are thinking to yourselves, "Well of course not, Danielle, California is a huge state, so most people visiting from out of town fly." Well aren't you smart! Yes, once in awhile I'll see a Washington or Oregon plate, and today I saw one from Texas, but 99.999% are from this very state. In New Jersey, you are constantly seeing plates from New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts... all tiny states that nuzzle New Jersey, in a manner of speaking. You could commute from some of those places in less than an hour, and some people do it daily. But, in California, or at least in Los Angeles, the nearest state is about six hours away.

Ok, so that may not be a startling revelation, but it's definitely noticeable. I'm feeling a little... isolated right now.

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